GOD and Spring Break!

Well March is here but where is the Sunshine, warmer days, and longer days?  Obviously someplace else, and that brings me to this SPRING BREAK!  Many of you us are going to warmer places, and some of us are staying right where it’s still COLD.   Where ever you go, I still remember from “MY YOUNGER YEARS!” What “Spring Break” meant!  NO PARENTS, NO ADULTS, No Responsibility’s!   WOOOO HOOOO!  Just remember who you are, where you are going, and that no matter what!  “YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD!”  I’ll be praying for Y’ALL, safe, journey, and safe return!  PEACE AND GRACE! 

ENMU Wesley Offers Our Students…..

It’s been down right COLD! This is the COLD that we left in Kansas/Oklahoma. I think GOD has a Great Sense of Humor! I want to let all ENMU Students know that the ENMU Welsey House is open Monday-Sunday! M-F 8:15 am-7:00 pm Saturday and Sunday 12 pm- 7:00 pm. On Wednesday we have Lunch and Devotion, Ladies from our District United Methodist Churches provide wonderful delicious lunches our students, at 6:30 pm on Wednesday evenings we have a Bible/Book study “Facing Your Giants” Friday night is Movie Night at 7:00 pm, Sunday Dinner and Devo at 6:00 pm. All ENMU Students are WELCOME. We have our Lovely Bistro with Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, different Cider’s, Cold Water, Snacks of Every kind! Come and Check out the ENMU Wesley House at 1417 S. Avenue K. across from the ENMU Science Building. Your “HOME AWAY FROM HOME!”


Hello Everyone!
It’s only taken me 4 months to figure out this BLOG and get in. So let me introduce myself, I’m Elizabeth Kirkwood the “New Wesley House Director” Here at ENMU Portales. My husband Cody and I moved here in August from Kansas. We have two daughters, one is married and living back in Kansas and the other is attending College in Kansas. We love being back in our home state. It’s a New Year, and 2013 was quite exciting for Wesley, we have a lot of fun and got to know quite a few students. We are having Sunday Night Dinner and Devo, Wednesday Noon Lunches, Friday night Movie Night. All ENMU Students are Welcomed to come. I will do better about keeping up with this now that I know how to get into it. PEACE and GRACE

Spring planting

Hi y’all,
Spring is here and we are having crazy weather that is cold, hot, warm, windy and everything in between. We are now getting ready to plant our first crops in our micro farm for the Spring.
Last year we had huge amounts of lettuce, okra, zucchinis, sunflowers and carrots. Our beans, tomatoes and peppers did not fair as well. What do you think we should plant this year? We are expecting a load of fertilizer (read manure) for our all organic garden and a new batch of worms for our worm farm. Plus we will see how our compost we started last year has come along.
We are still looking for our supporters to donate more of their old garden tools. If you are getting ready to buy new tools for your yard or garden please donate the old one to our community so that we can continue to grow community here. We need shovels, hoes, pitchfork, post-hole digger, rakes, trowels, hoses, sprinklers and anything else you are getting rid of.
We are continuing to focus on our Micah 6:8 ministry. Anyone can go down to the local store and buy vegetables cheaper than us growing them. As Rev. Andy Husted stated when he helped us get started, “We are growing community and sharing ministry”. When we pass out vegetables and invite people in the community to join us it is a ministry that touches lives in a humble and caring manner.
See you soon and I hope you have success planting community in your own lives.

Active peace,